Sencha Technologies – Ext-JS and More…

Juan Mendes will be our speaker on the topic of Sencha Technologies ( Sencha is one of the most comprehensive set of tools, frameworks and web technologies.

Here are the segments of the talk, each will be around 15 minutes…

  1. Intro to EXT-JS : Talk about Ext.onReady, Ext.Viewport, generating widgets with JSON and xtypes, show the online API, show the online examples, how to use the forum/stack overflow to get questions answered.
  2. Understanding Ext.Component architecture
  3. Layout Managers: BorderLayout, AnchorLayout, CardLayout, TabPanel and others.
  4. GridPanel: Explain the architecture of a Ext.grid.GridPanel:, and subclasses, and subclasses.
  5. Intro to creating testable/reusable Ext-JS code: An overall explanation of ExtJs widgets and how to extend them for use in your application. This includes: which class should I extend? Should I create a plugin, subclass, factory method?
  6. Questions and Answers: stump the expert 🙂

When: 7:30pm, June 14th, 2011

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7:30-7:45 – Announcements, Member intros
7:45-8:30 – Topic and Discussion
8:30-9:00 – The usual networking and geek tech talk

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