OAuth 2.0, Nifty App & Quadcopters!

For our May 14th meetup, we’re changing things up! This time we have two 10 fast talks, then Chance Roth will be talking about Quadcopters and streaming live view video while they fly.

David Cai will be talk about OAuth 2.0
OAuth 2.0 lets 3rd party web/mobile apps to authenticate users with well known identity providers(such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Amazon). This provides great convenience for app users as they don’t need to create new accounts. At the same time app developers can track users individually so the app can customize experience base for each user.

Server-Side OAuth2.0 has a very standard and streamlined API workflow. All ID providers adhere to the same process so it’s possible to create a generic framework that supports many identity providers. Well known implementations exist for both Java and PHP backend.

We will look at one such implementation which currently supports Facebook, Google and Microsoft authentications in various stages of the application.

Daniel Wang will demo his new app, Nifty.
Nifty is a mobile app that allows users to quickly inventory items and show them to people in their extended social network – people they know, not strangers.  Items can be given or traded to appreciative friends, or donated to charities.  Items can also be sold, with the proceeds directly given to charitable organizations.

I’ll talk about building a modern, socially connected mobile app using hosted API’s and cloud-based stacks.  For example, Nifty uses:
– Facebook API (auth)
– Aviary (image editing)
– Flurry (analytics)
– Testflight (beta distribution)
– Kiip (monetization)
– Heroku (hosting)
– Cloudinary (image processing / hosting)
– IronMQ (message queue)
– New Relic (monitoring)
– Sendgrid (email)
– Papertrail (log processing)
Check out Nifty here: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id570056846

Chance Roth will give an overview of the components and systems that go into quadcopters and multicopters. We’ll look at First Person View(FPV), which lets us see what the copter is seeing and talk about the current state of tech and where it’s going and legalities. We’ll discuss commercial vs. open source offerings. Maybe we’ll even go outside and fly it at night!


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