User Experience Design: Secrets to Creating a Successful Product

When: 7:30pm Tuesday, October 14, 2014
Where: Qualcomm Building QRC (Qualcomm Research Center) 5665 Morehouse Dr. Room 119-B San Diego, CA

“Good design is good business.” Thomas J. Watson, Jr., IBM

In a world of quick to launch products and brutal competition, User Experience Design has become a vital differentiating factor in building desired, viable products in an efficient, economical and organized manner.

Hooman Anvar, a User Experience Architect, will focus on User Experience Design techniques such as rapid prototyping and customer validation. These techniques are essential to the Lean and agile methodologies. Whether you’re in an established organization or creating a startup, these techniques will be central to the success of your products.

Trained in cognitive sciences at the University of Pennsylvania, Hooman learned his craft of UX design in the Bay Area tech scene. Millions of people and transactions have used his designs. Think you might have a challenge for him? He’d love to hear from you.

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